Collected exclusively by volunteers, Harrell’s campaign has raised more Democracy Vouchers than any candidate in Seattle city history

SEATTLE – Today, Bruce Harrell’s campaign for mayor announced it has reached the $400,000 general election fundraising cap established by the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission for mayoral participants in the Democracy Voucher program. This milestone comes less than one month after placing first in the primary election. Raising nearly $360,000 from Democracy Vouchers for the general election, Harrell has collected more vouchers from the program than any candidate in the city’s history.

Across hundreds of hours at grocery stores, farmers markets, and other events around the city, the Harrell campaign collected over 20,500 vouchers without spending a dollar on paid voucher collection. The campaign’s early arrival at the fundraising cap and record voucher numbers speak to the authentic, grassroots enthusiasm for Harrell’s message of unity, action, and change at City Hall.

“I am so proud of our true grassroots fundraising efforts, and grateful for the ideas and perspectives of hundreds of voters I have personally met throughout this process,” said Harrell. “The stories and perspectives voters shared – taking a moment to pause and chat pushing a grocery cart on a summer afternoon – have helped shape our campaign.

“Voters are demanding new leadership and results from our next mayor. I certainly won’t forget the many conversations that included new ideas for addressing the homelessness crisis and real public safety concerns, along with simply sharing neighborhood priorities that are not being addressed by City Hall.”